Connect your Shopify store to
Google Shopping Actions without writing code.

Ueblo is a Shopify app that lets you sell your products on Google Express and Google Assistant so you can reach more buyers.

Tap into Google's exciting new sales channels

Reach more shoppers

Surface your products on new platforms like the Google Assistant with voice shopping and the Google Shopping Network.

Make it easier to buy from you

Offer your customers convenient experiences like a universal cart or hands-free voice-shopping by leveraging machine learning, AI and natural language processing.

Increase loyalty and engagement

Turn one-time shoppers into repeat customers with 1-click re-ordering and personalized recommendations.

" Participating retailers on average see an increase in total conversions at a lower cost, compared to running Shopping ads alone. We have also seen an approximately 30% average increase in basket size for merchants participating in Shopping Actions. "

Surojit Chatterjee
Director of Product Management, Google Shopping
Mar 19, 2018


Do what you do best. We'll do the rest

What Ueblo Does

Zero Coding

Enable Google Shopping Actions for your Shopify Store without writing any code or running any servers.

Easy Setup

Just connect Ueblo to your Google Merchant Account. Choose your options and Ueblo does the heavy lifting.

Zero Maintenance

Just use Shopify. Ueblo automatically updates your products on Google. This includes product availability, images, and prices — yep, sale prices.

Fulfill as usual

Fulfill orders as you normally would in Shopify. Even use third-party fulfillment like ShipStation. Ueblo syncs orders seamlessly, keeping Google updated so buyers are happy and you get paid on time.

Automatic Customer Registration

Expand your customer base. Grow your mailing lists. With each new Google order, Ueblo adds the customer into your Shopify store. It also tracks whether they accept marketing.

No Extra Work

Cancel orders, authorize returns, and issue refunds as you normally would within Shopify. Ueblo will update Google in the background.

Add to your shop now

Over $300,000 in orders processed. Trusted by national brands. Free to use while we await Shopify app store listing.

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